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Fly ~N~ High Performance is a family owned and operated ranch that has a reputation of Equine Family Fun, Safety, Knowledge and Performance for both Horse and Rider. The Ranch moved from its original home to begin on a new home construction and location. Now we are rock n' roll n'. We have added a few horses to our "herd" and excited to see what they will be producing.

Our goals are to produce top quality, athletic, willing horses with the sense and ability to perform in any discipline expected by the rider. With high expectations, horses need to be in top shape, distinct pedigree and superior performance. As competitors, we expect so much more from our horses today and the horses need to perform at their highest potential. Fly ~N~ High Performance Horses understand what is expected of a horses today; along with the assurance that the horse to be will be dependable, compatible and complement the his/her rider.

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